Name: Prosper
Residence: Matero
He’s thanking God for his faithfulness upon his life. Through the declarations of the Man of God were he says you will receive something you did not pray for so he’s here to confirm that he’s been receiving things he does not pray for and God has been sustaining him.
He’s testifying that through the prayer point during the mass prayer where the Man of God said touch the ground so that it will release what belongs to you so he’s here to say that truly his blessings have been released and he’s really seeing God in his life.
Early last year he wanted to advance in his studies so he went to the Man of God to explain to him but the Man of God said he’s seeing him going to school in 2021 so he’s here to confirm the word that he will be going to advance his studies next year (2021)

Name: Malaika
Residence: Chalala
1. Deliverance: she was a good child until she changed schools and she notice that she started to dress like boys and she was now attracted to girls. She begun having the desire to drink and smoke. She begun hurting people and wouldn’t care. When she was in her 10th grade her mom took her to meet the Man of God against her will. From the time the Man of God started praying for her, she has transformed from the person she was into a better person. She is thanking God that she’s now a normal girl used by God 

Name: Mr Emmanuel Bwalya
Residence: Kabangwe
His thanking God for the victory God has given him and his family
His daughter was initiated into Satanism but after an encounter with the man of God she has been fully delivered.
Name: Deborah Bwalya
Residence: Kabangwe
In 2018 after she passed her grade 9 exams, she attended a music festival where she was offered food by a friend. After eating she collapsed and entered the 7th realm and found herself at St Mary’s cemetery. There was a black coffin and a lot of familiar faces (friends, teachers). She was told to accept everything she was told but she refused and started praying. In her 10th grade she was given chocolate by a different friend and shortly after eating she started hearing voices calling her. Later on she visited her Aunt where she was take unconsciously by a friend to drink blood of man and that’s how she was officially initiated into the marine kingdom where they kill destinies and she was given the spirit of woman. Her grades in school reduced and she started doubting their power because weren’t fulfilling what they said. She was told to sacrifice 16 destinies but before she could do that her father brought her for the overnight on the 23rd of October, 2020 and that’s where her deliverance begun, she was given a bottle of living water and that’s when she stopped communicating with the marine kingdom. Her deliverance continued on Sunday and on Thursday she met the man of God and her deliverance was confirmed. 

Name: Prophetess Pezo
Residence: Nyumba Yanga
1. Glorifying God for preserving her life. She was involved in a road accident on Monday and she come out without a scratch. She’s thanking God for her life.